Rooms & Apartments


Apartments and rooms are situated approximately 150m from the beach,
pier and promenade. The accommodation is located on Pulaskiego 28 Street

  • I. Rooms with en suites for 2, 3, or 4 people with mini fridges, hairdryers and access to kitchen and balcony.
  • II. Rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people with access to the 2 bathrooms, kitchen, veranda, garden with place for rest and a barbeque
  • III. 2 bedroom apartment for 2 to5 people with en suite and kitchen
  • IV. 3 bedroom apartment for 3 to 6 people with en suite and kitchen and access to the garden
  • V. 4 bedroom apartment for 4 to 10 people with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, veranda and garden
  • VI. 1 bedroom Apartment for 1 to 3 people,

All the rooms have air coditioning,Cable TV, Internet and a Tourist Information Guide Kitchen is fully equipped Apartments are quiet and have a perfect atmosphere for resting even though they are situated in the city centre. There are parking spaces available. There is also the possibility to rent bicycles from us. We also offer breakfasts in the nearby famous restaurant if you wish.